Stop Baking…

On October 1, 2013 by battenburgbelle

…was more or less the first thing Mr B said to me on Saturday morning. He didn’t seem to mind the homemade bread with his breakfast, but was upset about the leftover financiers and cheesecakes tempting him. So he popped off to the gym and there were no baked goods whatsoever for dinner. We had an old favourite that can be rustled up pretty quickly: salmon fillets rubbed with a little garam masala and olive oil and grilled, accompanied by Puy lentils with red onion, garlic, a bit of lemon juice and some flat leaf parsley and some yoghurt with cucumber on the side. Served on the vintage fish plates, of course.


There was still some yeast left though, so as Missy B had requested burgers for Sunday dinner with D & A, I thought I should try out the sweet dough I made at the Bertinet course and make some brioche-style burger buns. A reminder that it’s always a good idea to check the recipe – I left the oven on at 250º, as you would for other breads. It should have been 220º, so the buns were on the dark side. Oops. I sprinkled a bit of flour on them and kept the lights low. I think I got away with it – the burgers were perfect (thank you Mr B) and the buns were lovely, very light with a lovely sweet flavour.


I still forget to take pics sometimes, but the burgers were served with an eclectic mix of cheeses, pickles and some very good chips made by Mr B.

And the long roll, filled with cherry jam, was very welcome half way round a country walk in search of sloes. There will be sloe gin again for Christmas!!



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