Still in apple heaven

On September 12, 2013 by battenburgbelle

I am expecting another delivery from the Vale of Glamorgan later, so I need to shift the first two batches sharpish. Up with the lark this morning to get some apples pulping ready for some chilli apple jelly. Last year’s batch was finally polished off at our end of season camping trip last weekend. So here’s a pic of one of the new jars.


How lovely to be sitting by a campfire, watching the stars and generally talking nonsense. And the jelly was popular too – great with baked potatoes, sausages and ideal at any time of the day apparently.

Along with the apples, my Crouch Ender gave me some pears, so in case Ma and Pa share my ambivalence about the Swedish apple cake, I made a couple of Ottolenghi’s pear and amaretto cakes, as I know they like these. I also know they freeze well. I have also confirmed that it is not the end of the world if you misread the packet (must keep a pair of specs in the kitchen cupboard) and use granulated instead of caster sugar. I knew immediately – there was an obvious crunchiness to the mix (well, you do have to taste it, don’t you…) But there was no going back, especially as I’d doubled the recipe. I don’t think anyone will notice.


This one has always proved popular with everyone but Missy B, who came home from school and said “Ugh, that’s the one with nuts in”. Hey ho, you can’t win them all. I gave her a large fruit salad instead.


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