Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness

On September 25, 2013 by battenburgbelle

Just when I thought I had dealt with all the autumn fruit from various sources, Mr B turned up home from work with a large bag of pears from a colleague’s garden. My first thought was slightly churlish, but I slept on it and decided to preserve the pears in red wine (with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, orange, a bit of lemon rind and some sugar). I stewed the ones that wouldn’t fit in a bit of honey, for Mr B to have for his breakfast. The preserved pears look very impressive in their big jar and should be good in a salad or with ice cream, depending on the mood. Pictured with some very cute looking little jars of chilli apple jelly (which I already know is delicious) and apple and date chutney (which I haven’t tried yet, but have high hopes for). I feel a trip to Cheeses in Muswell Hill coming on at the weekend.


I have offered to practice my Bertinet skills and bring a dessert to my book group on Friday – all I can say at this stage is that I will be trying out some pastry. Hopefully some good pics will follow…

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