Quiet night in on Friday??

On June 7, 2013 by battenburgbelle

Inadvertently gave Mr B a pass to go out on a Friday night. Not sure how that happened, must concentrate harder. Missy B has had a large plate of halloumi and quinoa salad and disappeared upstairs to write a story. So here I am, thinking about what I cooked this week and how I am going to cope with a weekend which will involve a lot of eating out…

Wednesday was lovely – J and I decided to have a light dinner with no booze. So I rustled up this trout en papillotte, which I learnt how to make on a course at Leith’s wonderful cookery school.



It looks impressive, but after a few goes it’s quite easy making a leak-proof parcel. There are leeks in it though, as well as carrots, mushrooms, tarragon and a drop of wine (and even though it was open, we still resisted!)

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