“Perfect pudding” and some crowd-pleasing bread

On June 1, 2013 by battenburgbelle

The new batch of pain facon beaucaire is rising nicely in the kitchen – Missy B’s latest favourite bread, constant supply required. It looked like a disaster the first time I made it, but, in the absence of anything else to give my brother and his family for lunch with their soup, I had to stick with it. That was the right call, as it happens. In fact, they ate the lot before I could take a photo…

Still basking in the glory of last night’s dinner: slightly spicy turkey burgers with a yoghurty sumac sauce on the side. Served with a cucumber salad with dill and a lemon dressing – simple, but fabulous, and a lovely rocket salad with some artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, radish sprouts (a new one on me this week) and olives.


Mr B was very happy. And then it got even better. It was cobbled together from a selection of leftovers, but he declared it the “perfect pudding”. I had some left over chilli sesame praline (from a dessert comprising olive oil and chocolate mousse with various gorgeous trimmings – more of that another day, but suffice to say for now that my chum said that one was the best pudding she had ever had. No pressure next time she’s here then). So I turned the rest into spicy vanilla ice cream last weekend – never had chilli in an ice cream before as far as I can remember – but it was divine. So I served that with some blueberries (any berries would have worked but blueberries were there in the fridge, winking at me) and some Kirsch syrup (also left from the chocolate mousse evening).


That’s me done for this weekend – out for dinner tonight and over to friends for Sunday lunch . Although I might have to make some cakes tomorrow…

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