Oh no – too few cooking opportunities this week :-(

On June 17, 2013 by battenburgbelle

Events have conspired to keep me away from the kitchen the last few days – so it’s been a difficult week for me. Missy B took over the kitchen at the weekend. She made her foolproof vanilla cupcakes to take to her friend’s street party and then made a delicious Father’s Day dinner. I did sneak in to a make a starter while her back was turned at the street party, inspired by Ottolenghi’s johnnycakes with smoked trout (although I used prawns, as that’s what we had). But mustn’t steal her thunder – she dusted off the cook book her friend gave her a couple of years ago and selected the “brilliant white pizza” – i.e. almost entirely mozzarella, unsullied by vegetables of any sort. She did consent to serve a large lemony salad with it. For pud she made a hot chocolate fudge cake – this took her very much by surprise, as she didn’t really think it was possible to put hot water on top of a pudding and for them to swap places during the cooking process. Served with a few raspberries and a drop of cream – what’s not to like!


And I will be back in the saddle later in the week…

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