No more room in the freezer – help!!

On October 21, 2013 by battenburgbelle

J “accidentally” took one of my Ottolenghi books home with her after staying at ours the other night… Really? Accidentally?? But you do have to love a friend who always takes a cook book upstairs for her bed time reading whenever she stays over.

Anyway, I took the absence of this much used book as a sign that I should stick with baking this week instead of cooking proper meals for the family. So now we have to eat it all, to make space in the freezer so I can start again. First up was some hazelnut, shallot and raisin bread. I took a loaf for my friend who invited us out for his birthday bash. 


It was still warm when I arrived, which was quite gratifying. Maybe a slightly unusual gift to take to dinner in a private club (not his or ours, I hasten to add), but I wasn’t the only one. Someone else brought along a bottle of home brewed cider. I inadvertently ate most of the other shallot etc loaf during the early part of the week – completely delicious. So then I moved on to pecan and cranberry loaves – also good, although I prefer the more savoury shalloty one. 


Painfully aware that my sabbatical is almost up and that I will have to go back to work in a couple of weeks, I decided I should tackle croissants before I forget all I learnt at the Bertinet Kitchen. You have to a) plan ahead and b) not think too much about the amount of butter involved. I don’t think I’ll win any prizes for consistency shape- and size-wise with this first batch of 12 plain croissants and 12 pain aux raisins. Mr and Missy B didn’t comment on the afore-mentioned shapes and sizes, but I have rarely seen breakfast disappear quite so quickly. So they were well received and they freeze fantastically – just a few minutes in the oven and breakfast is served. I took some round to J when I went to reclaim the cook book and she informed me that Mr R, her delightful gentleman caller, pronounced them “super bon”, in full comedy French accent. 


Bon appetit!!


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  • I am only a stone’s throw away and it did make me laugh when someone at work put doubt into my mind… When you asked “is there any room in your freezer, I seem to have overdone it with the croissants” my response was HELL YEAH! My work colleague wondered if you were just planning temporary storage chez moi and that you would be back to get them at some point. FAT CHANCE. They are the best croissants I have ever eaten. Not joking. There are two left but not for long. Just saying. As I believe the Americans say…

  • Roxane

    Wow! They look good and delicious those croissants and pains aux raisins!

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