Ice Cream! In a pie!! Heavenly!!!

On August 20, 2018 by battenburgbelle

Yippee!! The Pieathalon is here again.


I do love a pie, so I’m delighted to be part of the community of food bloggers around the world who roll up their sleeves and bake a vintage pie (pre-1990 – yikes, this definition makes me feel positively antique…) for the annual Pieathalon. Thanks to Yinzerella, hostess of this fabulous event, for organising us all.

My contribution this year was nearly thwarted by setbacks along the way, but I got there in the end.

First I forgot to even nominate a pie before I headed off to the US for a trip – I sub-contracted the job to my lovely friend Jenny, of Silver Screen Suppers fame. I must admit she sounded a bit power-crazed at the prospect – I know she chose Tansey, but I have no idea what that is or which book it’s from and am looking forward to reading all about it!

Jenny and I discovered that Taryn, of Retro Food for Modern Times, would be visiting the UK around Pieathalon time, so we planned to get together and dine on pies. Well, I say “dine” but more of that anon…

Anyhow – I got my pie – Frosty Vanilla Cream Pie, from The Pillsbury Family Cookbook, published in 1963, a very good year, in my opinion.

I don’t know if it’s cheating, but I defrosted some sweet pastry I’d made previously.

I’d planned to make my pie in the afternoon, ready for dinner at Jenny’s, but I woke up unfeasibly early for no apparent reason and decided I might as well get on with it. While the pastry was chilling, I started on the frosty vanilla cream, which is very straightforward. If you’re going to try this, best not to use a hand held blender if possible – the blending till soft peaks formed took more like 10 minutes and nearly finished off my blender. It was only when I got to the end of the recipe that I noticed I was meant to keep some of the pastry crumb to sprinkle on the top of the pie – I think it looked rather lovely with dried rose petals instead.

So it was all looking good, plenty of time in the freezer while I joined the rest of the Battenburg clan and headed off to the flicks to watch The Incredibles 2. Very decadent on a Saturday lunchtime.

Then, setback number two. I was just settling in for the ads and trailers when I got this text from Jenny: “How is your pie? Just checking you know its a lunchtime affair today? xx”. Nope. I did not know that. I called Jenny and we agreed that she may have omitted to mention to me the timing of our piefest. I’d paid good money, so I decided to watch the film, dash home, super-hero style, and get the pie to hers in time for dessert.

Mrs Incredible

Excellent film – glad I stayed for it.

By the time I got to Jenny’s, lunch was well under way. Well it was more or less finished actually, so I grabbed a plate of the lovely selection of salads Jenny had prepared. She had been allocated a sweet pie with onions in it. Suffice to say, no one took a second helping. Taryn made a pineapple meringue pie, which I had a little slice of. It was good, but I’ll be sticking with lemon meringue, I think.

My dish was basically ice cream in a pie. And what’s not to like about that!

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