Feline intervention

On October 17, 2013 by battenburgbelle

The lovely J looked after Missy B the other night and they spent a jolly hour or two working out the recipe for Scripture cake – a recipe of yesteryear that J is testing for her Silver Screen Suppers (http://www.silverscreensuppers.com). This involved a vintage cookbook, a bible, a pen, some paper and a lot of patience. Not sure how long Missy B lasted, but J worked out that 4 ½ cups of I Kings, 4th chapter, 22nd verse refers to fine flour. A pinch of Leviticus, 2nd chapter, 13th verse is salt.  Anyway not sure how the cake turned out or if J has even made it yet, but in the morning I came downstairs to find that one of the Battenburg cats had been sick, slightly on the bible. Not sure what to make of that. No pics, in the interests of good taste. 

For anyone interested in whiling away a few hours leafing though a bible, the other ingredients are: one cup of Judges, 5th chapter 25th verse; two cups Jeremiah, 6th chapter, 20th verse; two cups I Samuel, 30th chapter, 12th verse; two cups Nahum, 3rd chapter, 12th verse; two cups of Numbers, 17th chapter, 8th verse; two tablespoons of I Samuel, 14th chapter, 25th verse; six Jeremiah, 17th chapter, 11th verse; two teaspoons of Amos, 4th chapter, 5th verse. All to be seasoned to taste, with II Chronicles, 9th chapter, 9th verse, baked in a moderate oven and served with carmel (caramel??) sauce. Will anyone rise to the challenge (perhaps with a bit of Amos, 4th chapter, 5th verse)??

PS For those who sometimes eat at Battenburg Towers – don’t worry, the cats have never reacted to any other books in this way.

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