Emergency birthday cake!!

On November 24, 2013 by battenburgbelle

I was having a cuppa with Becky after a vigorous body conditioning session and I asked her what Tom would like for his birthday – a cake, apparently. So I stopped wondering what to do with my afternoon off and sped home, via Sainsburys, and got to work. Decided to make the same cake as I made a couple of weeks ago – although I had forgotten that it took an hour and a half to bake. I had my work cut out to finish in time to escort Missy B to her circus class (yes, she is an aspiring trapeze artiste…) It’s not that easy slicing and icing a still slightly warm cake, but I did it and that is my excuse for the slightly rustic finish and randomly applied gold sparkles. One day I will do proper grown up cake decorating. The cake accompanied us on the bus, the tube, the overground train and on a wander through Hoxton. You get a lot of attention if you travel with a large and sparkly cake. It can make a girl feel quite popular. Although sitting in a café for an hour with just a mug of tea and a large cake on your table can get you some bewildered looks. Anyway, I managed to deliver the cake to Tom in time for ladies to have a slice each before we were banished to make way for the poker school. 


This is a great cake – really moist and chocolatey. All you have to do is remember how long it takes to cook!

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