Defrosting day

On May 18, 2013 by battenburgbelle

It was defrosting day at Battenburg Towers today. I really shouldn’t be on my hands and knees with a hairdryer, but some crazy builders thought it was a good idea to make the socket entirely inaccessible. They clearly don’t cook or do much at all in the kitchen.

Anyway it had to be done, to stop the leakage in the fridge.

So that left me with a number of items that needed saving: first there were some blackberries picked last autumn that escaped the winter’s steamed puds – now a lovely compote (with orange juice, a hint of cinnamon and some raspberries that needed using up) – Missy B will no doubt demand pancakes for breakfast to go with it. Lunch was a broad bean and pea soup, with some lovely crispy fried proscuitto scattered on the top. There was also some minced lamb that was all ready for the potato to be added for a shepherd’s pie, but instead was diverted to these delicious (if rustic in appearance) pasties. Mr B has already wolfed one down ahead of tomorrow’s rainy picnic. The pastry makes up in tastiness what it lacks in finesse, but it was my first attempt!



Obviously, no one should ever use a hairdryer to defrost a freezer.


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