“Beyond delicious…”

On June 29, 2013 by battenburgbelle

This was how my lovely friend at work described my elderflower drizzle cake this week. It was a recipe from the Guardian last weekend. It made a large loaf cake and a small one, so I didn’t get in too much trouble at home for baking for work and neglecting the family. It was a groovy way of drawing attention to the relocation of my desk – I got lots of visitors (one of whom suggested that, given my new spot, I can now pretend to be a director!). They wolfed the lot before I got my camera out… I thought the cake was slightly too much on the lemony side (perfectly moist though), so next time I’ll do more elderflower and less lemon.

VERY excited about tonight. Mr B is wading through mud at Glastonbury, so we are having a ladies’ night at Battenburg Towers – Jenny is coming to cook with us and we will be making a ’70s style meal (ish) before settling down to an episode or two of Columbo. I think Missy B is ready.

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