Back in the saddle!

On September 2, 2013 by battenburgbelle

The Battenburg family has returned from summer hols and I was very happy to get back into the kitchen. We managed not to over-eat too much on our travels, so it was straight to this week’s Ottolenghi recipe in the Guardian – cake!! Olive oil cake with grilled grapes and Sauternes sauce, to be precise. Mr B muttered something about not liking olive oil cakes. I presented him with the case for the defence: carrot cake, pear and amaretto cake (another Ottolenghi special), to name but two. He slightly grudgingly accepted that he would happily demolish either of these and went off to the gym to try and make some room for said cake.Image

The cake took longer to cook than the recipe suggested, but I think I should probably have split it between two tins. Anyway, it was perfectly light and you would never have guessed how much dessert wine it had in it (Missy B liked it very much indeed). The grilled grapes and Sauternes sauce were gorgeous. And what’s not to like about a dollop of clotted cream on the side.

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