Summer Holidays

On July 27, 2014 by battenburgbelle

Life should get easier in the holidays but it seems to get more complicated, what with trying to get some work done and make sure Missy B is gainfully occupied, at least some of the time.



Summer is definitely here though, so I decided that gazpacho was the way forward – I bought posh tomatoes from the farmers’ market at Alexandra Palace, which I’m sure made a difference. It was also a chance to use up some of the stockpile of old crusts from the freezer. In spite of the bread and generous helping of olive oil, this just tastes so healthy – packed with raw vegetables. Those olives are stuffed with chilli – that was a bit of a shock.

And then it was the meeting of the book group on Friday – it seems to come round quickly, but we had all managed to finish “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt, in spite of it being a massive tome. I loved the story and we discussed at length the great characters and also a few flaws with the book, but overall a big success. I particularly liked the fact that I got chatted up, not once, but twice, while reading it in public places…

Anyway, Jenny was hosting this time and assured me no contributions were needed. But then I discovered some sour cream in the fridge and I also had some chives. Jenny graciously accepted my offer to cunningly turn them into “sour cream and chives”, served with some tortilla chips that were also lingering temptingly in the cupboard.

Missy B was shocked by what she thought was my presentation.

Sour cream, chives

Sour cream, chives

In fact, this was just for transporting – this is how it was presented to the ladies.

Sour cream and chives

Sour cream and chives

Jenny made a fabulous chicken curry, with many trimmings. Dessert was awesome – she produced a bucket of classy chocolate and the most gorgeous nougat. Gifts from clients. I have been visiting her in that flat for four years and she has NEVER even hinted at the existence of this mountain of deliciousness. Well more of a hillock now the ladies have laid waste to it.


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  • Grandma Battenburg

    Grandpa Battenburg wants to know what is a bog success? He is also shocked at the split infinitive! Especially given the Word Crimes clip that he has just watched.

    I am impressed as usual.

    • battenburgbelle

      I have corrected the typo – thank you Grandpa B. I think the splitting of the occasional infinitive is considered acceptable these days!

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