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On March 17, 2014 by battenburgbelle

When I pleaded with Battenburgbelle to give me a bread making lesson on a Saturday afternoon it did not cross my mind that she would have a million other things to do. On top of everything else, it was Missy B’s birthday and there were 10 teenagers running riot around the place. Actually they were all charming, polite and very well behaved and, despite Missy B’s protestations about them being far too old for it, they all loved the pass the parcel…

Brioche buns

Brioche class went well after a shaky start

BB is a very patient teacher. My first batch of dough was very wet. I hadn’t been concentrating when weighing the flour as we were too busy gossiping. We just cannot stop debating what to make for category 51 at the forthcoming Muswell Hill Horticultural Show. It’s a free for all – but one thing is for sure, it won’t be brioche! The first lump of dough went in the bin and I started again. This Brioche business takes time… The next batch met BB’s exacting standards and she showed me the Bertinet method of kneading the dough. It is utterly bonkers but I like it.

Jenny's buns

Jenny’s buns turned out well

Crikey, look at my big buns! Can you imagine how proud I was of these? I’ve never made brioche before in my life and these were perfect. Round the corner at my place I had some pulled pork disintegrating as it should in my slow cooker. My beau picked me up we had one of these brioche each with the Sophie’s Steak House Steak Sauce imbued porker. IT WAS DIVINE.

Brioche buns with pulled pork

Brioche buns with pulled pork

As Battenburgbelle makes bread or pastry products about once every 25 seconds she knows exactly what she is doing. There are regularly overflow home made croissants, pains aux raisins and funky fougasses squirreled away in my freezer. She’s at Bertinet’s again this week and I will be sweeping in like Mrs Doubtfire to look after my god-daughter while she is away. Let’s hope BB’s freezer is well stocked as I’m not sure Missy B will be able to stomach the usual supermarket pap that passes for bread now she is used to all the homemade stuff…

Thank you BB – I’m going to have another go at Brioche once I’ve scoffed all the ones I’ve already got!

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