Battenburgbelle’s reluctant return from France

On September 12, 2014 by battenburgbelle

It’s always tricky coming back down to earth after a holiday and three weeks chilling in the south of France was a perfect summer as far as I am concerned (Missy B managed to steer clear of the sun, and indeed daylight, as much as possible and came home almost entirely tan-free…). I did do some cooking and I even took photos, but somehow I just didn’t get around to much writing – hard to drag myself from the terrace overlooking the Med, except to go to the beach really.

The view from the terrace

The view from the terrace

But I am back – there is an additional layer around my middle that is made almost entirely from cheese, rosé and baguettes, so I will perhaps do some reporting on re-visiting the 5:2 regime. Whenever I get around to focusing on that. It’s hard with this still in the kitchen:

A lovely box of fine rosé

A lovely box of fine rosé

While sipping at that, I went for a “see the recipe, make it” approach when I spotted Ottolenghi’s apricot, walnut and lavender cake in the Guardian on Saturday. All the dishes in the article look magnificent – how long will I be able to resist buying his new book?? I harvested the lavender from the front garden of some neighbours across the road. It was slightly over-hanging the pavement, so I think it was fair game rather than actual theft. On Sunday morning I presented the cake to the motley selection of friends who had stayed at Tracey’s house after her special joint party with Helen at the weekend.

Apricot, walnut and lavender cake

Ottolenghi’s apricot, walnut and lavender cake

A bit of an odd way to start the day frankly, but they were like vultures and it made a great starter before we tucked into a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon.

I promise to start reporting on proper meals very soon…

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