Battenburgbelle’s adventures in France

On August 21, 2014 by battenburgbelle

I know I shouldn’t complain, but it’s very hard to see the screen. I just can’t seem to get the angle right to avoid the glorious sunshine, as I sit on the terrace of our holiday villa overlooking the Med…

The view from the breakfast table

The view from the breakfast table

As Missy B would say, if she was here and not staying at her chum’s house down the road, “first world problems, mother”…

I have had my second favourite French breakfast: a Petit-Suisse (full fat version, I’m on holiday), with large amounts of melon that tastes like actual melon. Gorgeous!!!

Le Petit-Suisse


For the record, my actual favourite would be baguette, first with some cheese and then finishing off with a small slice with some local jam. But Mr B has buggered off to find a gym and we don’t have a boulangerie within walking distance.

It’ve failed to do much cooking so far – my first trip to the supermarché didn’t result in coherent food buying. The excitement of being in a big French supermarket overwhelmed me and Mr B felt it was his role to ensure the wine cellar doesn’t run dry (ever.…) Catherine didn’t believe me when I said there wasn’t much to eat here. Until they all popped over and discovered that I wasn’t exaggerating. There were salty snacks, wine and beer. I will endeavour to make amends by cooking them a proper meal while we are here…


The weather is too lovely and the beaches too enticing for major cooking, but the fish and vegetables are so fresh and lovely that it’s pretty easy to rustle up something tasty. As is traditional, I brought my French Market cook book with me and made a two bean dish to serve with tuna – green beans and flageolet beans, cooked very briefly, with chopped tomatoes, olives, garlic, lemon zest and juice, olive oil and basil. Tuna cooked very briefly indeed, as Missy B loves it – a very quick and lovely meal.


We didn’t get through all the tuna, so the next evening we had a good old-fashioned salade nicoise – what a difference it makes having southern French beans and tomatoes!

I will report back if I manage to tear myself away from the sea long enough to make another meal…

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