Another bake fest

On September 11, 2015 by battenburgbelle

The Horticultural Society shows seem to come round mighty quickly – it was the turn of the Autumn goodies last weekend. Lots of great fruit and vegetable displays, as well as gorgeous flowers. But obviously I only took pics of the foodie stuff.

Courgette and lime cake

Ali Benammar’s courgette and lime cake

In what has now become a proper tradition, Jenny and I pitted ourselves against each other in the cookery classes. Many texts and photos were exchanged, as we baked up a storm in our kitchens on Friday, and excitement was at a a feverish level by Saturday morning. Not that the Battenburg family noticed!

I took delivery of several bags of seasonal fruit and herbs from Cardiff just in time – so there was a German apple cake (first – “cake with fresh fruit”) and rhubarb & ginger jam (third – I was happy with that, as I’m not really a jam maker – yet…). My pickled cucumber was not a success, although the judge said it looked great. Just too salty. A lot too salty.

Chicken and tarragon tart

Chicken and tarragon tart

I also got a first for what I have to say was a truly delicious chicken and tarragon tart – a Bertinet recipe, adapted to use left over chicken. In the “cake with fresh vegetables” category, Jenny and I both made courgette cakes. I got third for my one (recipe from Ali Benammar’s Family Favourites). Jenny got second – but I was delighted to get first for my carrot cake. That’s an Ottolenghi recipe and possibly my all time favourite cake. I got third for my Genoise with raspberries and cream, which I thought was a little harsh, as the cake was, in my humble opinion, perfectly baked. Hey ho.

German apple cake

German apple cake

I also made a “Rosemary Remembrance Cake” from one of Nigella Lawson’s book, with Cardiff rosemary. This didn’t win a prize, but it was tasty. Shouldn’t have made that one a day ahead, methinks.

Rosemary remembrance cake

Rosemary remembrance cake

Jenny got the cup for most points in cookery over the year, dammit. I think we were close, but it’s her prowess with pickles that might have tipped the balance. I would have been slightly gnashing my teeth, had my mouth not been full of cake…

I will be pickling or preserving anything and everything in preparation for next year!

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  • You were robbed! You are so much better than I am at cakes, but it was the points for the chutneys and pickles that all added up for me. I may come round and steal your copper preserving pan so you can’t practice for next year! JX

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