A little fish pie

On April 25, 2014 by battenburgbelle

It’s not all fancy food round here by any stretch of the imagination – I do feed Missy B age appropriate meals some of the time. Long gone are the days when she would choose pasta and pesto every night if she got the chance, I am delighted to report.

Fish pie

Fish pie with a crispy cheesy topping

Yesterday evening she had a little fish pie all to herself. Actually it wasn’t that small – you can pack a lot into one of these ramekins and, as you can see, it was overflowing with loveliness, if not especially photogenic. Missy B always loves this dinner – it’s real comfort food and I can put anything in it as long as the potato is done as follows: par-boil then grate them, mix with a little melted butter and a generous portion of cheese (Gruyeré on this occasion), scatter liberally over the pie. I used some salmon and haddock, lots of prawns and a couple of hard boiled eggs, all in a fish stock, wine and creme fraiche sauce.

Just to be clear, much as I love her, I didn’t come home from work and make Missy B a mini fish pie from scratch – I made too much at the weekend. Although this is one of those meals where if we’re not careful we’ll eat whatever amount I put on the table, as it’s just so perfect for a cold, wet Sunday evening, I did just manage to salvage two extra portions for future defrosting.

I was too slow to get pictures, but it was Easter eggs for dessert. Not a parenting pinnacle. Hey ho.

3 Responses to “A little fish pie”

  • Becky

    Nicely styled – spotty plate and colourful veg!

  • I love the idea of the grated potato on top–I’ve only ever had fish pies with mash, which is fine but not quite as exciting as cheesy grated goodness.

    My husband and I have finally reached the age where no one gives us Easter chocolate any more and we don’t have any kids, so there were no chocolate eggs this year at our house. Good for the waistline but a bit sad, really.

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