A bit of seasonal cooking for half term

On May 31, 2014 by battenburgbelle

School holidays always seem to have a detrimental effect on my adventures in the kitchen (in terms of time rather than quality usually), but I did spot some cherries in the greengrocers on one trip out and about. They were perfect – so juicy and sweet. I had a bit of a Twin Peaks moment and made the first “damn fine cherry pie” of the year – this is definitely in my top three desserts, possibly even worthy of the number one spot. I know, slightly over done on the right hand side, but still delicious!

Damn fine cherry pie

Damn fine cherry pie

I used the Bertinet recipe for the pastry – I love how reliable this is and there is usually some nestling in the back of the freezer. I put a few teaspoons of Kirsch in the almond cream – not essential but it did add a little something. It’s a messy job halving and stoning all those cherries, but totally worth it – this is a real treat, as you really only can make it while cherries are in season. This has got me thinking about Twin Peaks again and remembering how much I loved it – I’ve watched a few clips on YouTube (someone has taken the time and trouble to compile all coffee and pie references: annoyingly the link won’t work, but obviously you can Google it if you are as interested as I was…). I think I need to procure the full set of DVDs from somewhere and start all over again.

One of the diversions of the school holidays was a trip to Malvern to visit Uncle Nick for lots of hearty walking in the beautiful hills. Only it rained from the moment we arrived until we got to round about Oxford on the way back home. We spent a lot of time playing Monopoly, sampling the delights of various eateries in Ledbury and Malvern and generally relaxing. We also discovered that, at 14, Missy B is not too old to make faces out of her breakfast.


Pancakes are still fun

By the last morning we decided that we had to go for a walk anyway and set off in search of the last of the season’s wild garlic.

Wild garlic

Wild garlic

We found a plentiful supply – you smell it before you see it – and foraged a respectable amount. This gave the car an interesting aroma for the journey home!

Chicken and wild garlic tart

Chicken and wild garlic tart

I made some soup, which we haven’t tried yet, and a chicken and wild garlic tart. This was lovely – I poached the chicken and wilted the garlic in a bit of butter. It’s a very delicate flavour, but went really well with the chicken.

So that was dinner for the other brother who is staying at Battenburg Towers for a couple of days. Now I’m pondering what to make tonight – I have moved seamlessly from the vegetarian/slightly dairy averse brother to the one who can’t so much as look at a chilli without unfortunate consequences. Watch this space.

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  • OOO both of those tarts look fabulous! I say YES to the cherry one for next supper club adventure… Maybe the chicken one too – if you can forage around for more wild garlic around these parts…

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