Another Naughty Habits Supper Club

On May 1, 2014 by battenburgbelle

It’s been a busy week, what with me having to get on with my actual job by day, so it’s taken me a while to sit down with my blog and report on...

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Smoked trout

An Easter dinner party

On April 22, 2014 by battenburgbelle

Easter started with a very enjoyable trip to Wales to visit family and spend a night in lovely hotel in Skenfrith, complete with compulsory hearty walks. Missy B was forced to face her...

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Rack of lamb

Belated report of Mr B’s birthday dinner

On April 19, 2014 by battenburgbelle

As we were heading off for a few days of extreme eating over the Easter holidays and going out dancing on the evening itself, we decided to have a celebratory dinner chez nous...

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Naughty Habits Supper Club Menu

A Gathering of the Naughty Habits Supper Club @ the Nunnery

On March 30, 2014 by battenburgbelle

It’s been too long since the last Naughty Habits Supper Club, so we reconvened on Friday. This time we had some guests we’d never met before, so it felt very grown up and...

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Pie or Tart?

On March 13, 2014 by battenburgbelle

Having filled most of Missy B’s weekend with cultural activities last week, I decided she need to get a bit of sleep last Saturday night. So after I’d made a batch of pastry...

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